The Hearts of Horses, by Molly Gloss

I loved this book! I was actually concerned that with a title like The Hearts of Horses, it might be a western romance of some sort. I found it at Value Village, where I find so many good books. In this case I was willing to take a chance that it might disappoint, because good or bad, I just felt like reading fiction that focused on horses. What was it all about, I wondered.

A true cowgirl and her experiences as a horse “gentler” (as opposed to breaker) in frontier Oregon, WW I era. The writing is excellent, the character memorable, the story fascinating and the history real. I couldn’t put the book down!

Author Molly Gloss has published three other books (novels). You can bet I will be reading them too! No, this isn’t a memoir. But I really need to intersperse fiction now and again as I read memoirs. Reminds me of so many important factors, such as pacing, drama, “character” development, and always, always, placing good writing front and centre of any book.

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