This website is all about the world of words. They inform, amuse, dazzle and entertain us. They can disturb or titillate, or be as cozy and beloved as a childhood quilt. Words devastate and inspire. Words can even change our lives. Irrevocably, and for the better.

I write … books, essays, memoirs, magazine articles, speeches, and I also help others with their writing. Please have a good look around my website – and don’t forget the photo gallery. Lots to read, and lots to look at. Thanks for stopping by.

Upcoming Book Release


Year of the Horse

winnie 150607My new book, Year of the Horse, will be published by Pottersfield Press and available in bookstores in the autumn of 2016. Year of the Horse is about horses, healing and improbable dreams. It’s for every person who’s been really hurt – and has come back from that, different, and in some ways stronger. It’s about daring to believe in the power of your own story.