I have been a freelance journalist since 1991, writing for Canadian and American magazines and newspapers. On the West Coast of Canada, where I was raised, my main beat was commercial and sport fishing – which intersected with issues such as logging, pollution and the environment, wildlife, global warming, First Nations, and municipal, provincial and federal politics.

I also wrote personal essays for Canadian newspapers and magazines. One of these – Trips From There to Here – won a Gold Medal at the 1995 National Magazine Awards. Many of my essays relate to coastal perspectives, and my life with horses and dogs – and many were humorous.

In 1997, after moving to the East Coast of Canada, I wrote more personal essays for both provincial and national newspapers and magazines. In 2012, an article I wrote on Canadian comedian and actor Shaun Majumder won a Gold Award at the Atlantic Journalism Awards.

Now based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I continue to write for provincial magazines, specializing in profiles of all sorts, including authors, musicians, business people, businesses, philanthropists and politicians. I also continue to write about wildlife, horses and dogs, both in article and book form.

My first book, Coastal Lives, was published in 2014, by Pottersfield Press. A memoir, it focuses on two coasts, the West and East Coasts of Canada, and two writers, myself and my husband, Silver Donald Cameron. I am currently working on a second non-fiction book.