Coastal Lives

Coastal Lives is now available online from Nimbus Publishing.

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Marjorie Simmins’ memoir, Coastal Lives, was published by Pottersfield Press in spring 2014. It is available in bookstores and from her website. Coastal Lives is a literary memoir, illustrated by previously published essays. It is a tale of two coasts, west and east, two writers, Marjorie Simmins and Silver Donald Cameron, and many definitions of home.

Described by writer Andreas Schroder as, “Utterly engaging, irrepressible and courageous, this unforgettable memoir will ‘torment’ you (as Cape Bretoners say) from first page to last. A masterly example of the form.”

You can also order copies from the author: ($19.95, plus $10 shipping &handling)



“Travel to lands of the heart”. Harry Thurston, The Chronicle Herald. (April 11, 2014)

“Feel like I was travelling along life with you”. Elle Andra-Warner, journalist and author.

“Who doesn’t love a late-in-life love story, those few and far between triumphs of hope over history.” Sarah Murdoch, The Star (Jun 21, 2014)

“This is not to deny that the author was admittedly smitten by Cameron some twenty years ago, and remains truly so to this day, but Coastal Lives is about so much more.”  -Timothy Gillespie, South Coast Today (Jun 26, 2014)

“This is such a down-to-earth and heart-warming memoir; it talks about mature people living real lives.” Coastal Spectator Today (July 26, 2014)

“I wanted to love this book, and rather to my relief, I did. Simmins writes with wit, with a great eye for the telling detail, and with emotional intelligence. She’s not always easy on herself, and her recounting of how (in pre-Don days) she left a fiancé just days before their wedding is hard for an outsider to read. But she’s wonderful on her friends, her horses and dogs, and on her love. Lucky guy, Don.” [Read the full review] – Marq de Villiers