The GLobe and Mail’s Top 100 Reads of 2010

I am a little late posting this – but it should be easy enough to find online the November 27, 2010 issue of the Globe and Mail, which lists the Top 100 Best Reads of 2010. The biographies and memoirs sound delicious. And the variety is wonderful! Everything from Margaret Trudeau’s latest memoir, Changing my Mind, to memoirs by Christopher Hitchens and Antonia Fraser (her life with Harold Pinter), and biographies on Thelonious Monk, Willie Mays and Emily Dickinson and her family.

I am particularly interested in The Paper Garden, by Molly Peacock. Reviewer Victoria Glendinning writes: “Peacock has structured her book about a Victorian widow who more or less invented collage in the form of botanically accurate cut flowers, as metaphor, a collage about collage, and a meditation on sexuality, friendship and creativity. The book is a craft object, sumptuously presented and designed. It will be everyone’s favourite Christmas present this year.” I might even hint to receive it myself!!