Audtion, by Barbara Walters

It’s been odd lately how I keep finding memoirs at Value Village that I’d considered asking for at Xmas last year. I am glad I hesitated too, as they’re not all that good.

Just finished reading Barbara Walters’ Audition. I can’t really recommend it. Or I can, but not particularly for its writing. I can say it was interesting to learn about the early days of television and the world of television journalism. There’s no doubt that Walters is a pioneer for women in television, and apart from that, an excellent journalist who’s had a fascinating career.  I also enjoyed learning more about The View, the TV show that Walters developed and stars in.  And of course it was titillating to learn more about the rich, famous and influential.

I just don’t think this book will “stick” with me for very long. For that, the writing has to sing. This one hums.